About Us

Ampcaddy was founded with the vision of making golf more fun and has been rocking the course since 2014. Ampcaddy was first conceptualized in 2011 at a fun Southern California scramble event that was inventively enhanced with music. After 3 years of working with a team of audio engineers to assemble the perfect components to ensure durability, audio quality, and battery life, the first Ampcaddy speaker was born.  In 2014, the Ampcaddy team proudly launched the first portable bluetooth speaker designed to mount to any golf cart.

One of the Ampcaddy founders, John Billin, is a former golf course General Manager & Head Pro for over 15 years.  Prior to working in golf, John specialized in customizing and installing car audio systems.  John's expertise and vision birthed a product that creates a casual, social and fun golf atmosphere which ultimately makes golf more accessible.  By combining two of his passions in Golf and Audio, John is able to grow golf through music.

Because of his experience as a former golf course GM, John also wanted to make sure that Ampcaddy doesn't disrespect the game that he loves so much.  By engineering the easy to use volume control and multi-direction swivel in the Ampcaddy speaker, it ensures consideration for fellow golfers sharing the course.  John and the entire Ampcaddy team are extremely passionate about the company and will continue to innovate a superior audio experience while growing the game of golf!