Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the battery life for Ampcaddy Speakers?

Continual playtime is up to 20 hours for the Pro and 12 hours for the Pro MAX.  Standby mode for up to 150 hours.


Are Ampcaddy Speakers weatherproof?

YES. Our speakers are weatherproof and will work just fine in conditions with rain and splashing.


Are Ampcaddy Speakers durable?

YES. Ours speakers are shockproof -  they can be dropped from up to 5ft. The entire unit comes with a 2 year warranty!


Do Ampcaddy Speakers permanently mount to the golf cart?

NO. The speaker was designed to allow the golfer to quickly attach and detach the speaker.


I don’t have a golf cart, do the Ampcaddy speakers still work for me?

YES. The speakers are portable, come with a carrying/storage bag, and can mount to almost any golf cart or any stable pole or frame.


Does the mount detach from the speaker?



How long does the Ampcaddy Speaker take to charge?

Approximately 2 hours for a full charge. Ampcaddy Speaker come with a USB charging cable.


Do I need to plug the speaker in?

NO. Ampcaddy speakers are wireless and powered with a lithium battery.


Do golf courses allow music to be played?

YES. While we can’t speak for every golf course, the rule of thumb is to BE RESPECTFUL while listening to music.


Can I listen to the radio through the Ampcaddy Speaker?

YES. You can listen to anything that you stream through your phone.


What type of Charging Cable do the Speakers use?

You can Amazon or Google search “Type C Charger Samsung” – any of those will work.

If you happen to have a newer Samsung phone or tablet, many of them also use that Type C.